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Fresh Leads for your IT Business

We identify companies in your area that are having a website outage right now.

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Get the whole picture

See all of sites in your area which are having a problem. Pick and choose the best fit for your pitch.

Local Area Monitoring

Our monitors keep tabs on all the business websites in your area. When we identify a problem we let you know.

Local Businesses

By keeping it local you can focus on the areas that you can serve most effectively.

Pitch your Services

Find companies that have a problem with their website which is impacting their business. Bring your solution.

Use Cases

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Lead Generation

Call at the right time by identifying websites that have a problem.

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Business Development

Find local businesses that have a need for your service.

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MSPs, IT Companies

Local leads straight to your inbox or to your sales person.

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Cybersecurity Firms

Get integrated CVE reports to help with your pitch.


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